Homework due 18th March


This week we have been learning about fractions.

Your homework this week is to show us what you have learnt. We would like you to create some instructions on how to work with different types of fractions.

You could demonstrate: adding fractions, subtracting fractions, fractions of shape, fractions of number or equivalent fractions.

You could present it in any way you like: poster, leaflet, guide, booklet or a video.

Remember to bring your handwriting books back each week to show us your hard work. (see homework books for Handwriting formations)


Homework 11th July

Maths Investigation…can you handle the challenge?

For your homework this week you must choose four different digits from 1−9 and put one in each box. For example:

This gives four two-digit numbers:

52 (reading along the 1st row)

19 (reading along the 2nd row)

51 (reading down the left hand column)

29 (reading down the right hand column)

52 + 19 + 51 + 29 = 151.

Your challenge is to find four different digits that give four two-digit numbers which add to a total of 100
How many ways can you find of doing it?

Homework 4.7.14

Your homework this weekend is to learn the words for our Musical Showcase show entitled ‘Honey’.  The words were sent home earlier this week.   You don’t have to show us by producing anything we will be able to see by how enthusiastically you join in with the songs next week.  Happy singing!


2M mufti day

Congratulations 2M you have earned your class reward again and this time you have chosen an outdoor/sports day! So wear some sporty type clothes, shorts, t-shirt and trainers! Bring a hat and a water bottle too!

Homework 27.6.14


Next week we are going to delve into the world of dinosaurs in topic and science. Your task for homework this week is to find out about your favourite dinosaur. What were they called? What did they eat? Where did they live? What did they look like? Present your research however you like. You might create a fact file or poster, or make a powerpoint presentation or information video. Be creative!

Homework 20.6.14

Next week the school is having a Healthy Week!

Our Literacy learning will be based on healthy products that you can buy in the shops. For homework we would like you to find an advertisement for a healthy product and write about whether the advertisement made you want to buy the product or not.

The product might be a healthy meal or drink, or a fitness aid – anything that is designed to help you live a healthy life.

The advertisement might be on the radio or television. It could be in a magazine or comic, or maybe on a big poster board. Did it have an effect on you? Did it make you want to buy the product? If it did, what was so good about it? Think about how companies try and encourage us to buy the things they are selling.

You can present your thoughts in any way you like – draw a picture representing the advertisement, cut photos out of magazines – be as creative as you like. Remember to include some writing to explain your thoughts about whether the advertisement was good.

The Lookout Discovery Centre

2M had a fantastic time at the Science Centre in Bracknell. First we had a Science lesson on ‘Light and Sound’ with Sian where we learnt all about how light travels (not on the bus), that white light is made up of the rainbow colours and shadows are where there is no light!

After our lesson we let off some steam and worked as a team in ‘Build It!’ And what great teamwork 2M displayed…I was so proud!!

After lunch we went into the ‘Hands On Science’ room where we could investigate a variety of activities. During this time small groups of children ventured up ‘The Lookout Tower’ where we could see for miles and happily counted 88 steps on the way down! How exhausting!!!
Finally we escaped into the adventure playground before heading back to school.

Thank You to all of the adults that came with us (and drove us) who made the trip possible!

Hope you enjoy the photos





























The Hindu Festival of Holiday

First of all a GIGANTIC thank you to Mr Butler for offering to be such a good sport!!!
In RE today 2M were learning about the festival of Holi. Holi marks the coming of Spring and is known as the festival of colours. There is a symbolic legend to explain why holi is well celebrated as a colour fest. The word “Holi” originates from “Holika”, the evil sister of demon king Hiranyakashipu. The evil king and Holika tried to kill his son Prahlad in many ways, including burning him in a fire. Prahlad survived the fire because he prayed to his God Vishnu. Today Holi is started with a gigantic bonfire to burn last year’s rubbish and to start anew. The colour comes from the God Krishna, who was a mischief maker and threw paint at his neighbours!!!
In true 2M style we created crafts to replicate the colours and fun of the festival. This is where Mr Butler comes in…








Homework dated 13th June



When I went into a classroom earlier this week a child rushed up to tell me she was 8 that day!

Well, Happy Birthday to everyone who has a birthday today!

If you are 8 then this could be for you, but if it is another number then you just change the 8 to whatever your age is today.

There is not a lot to say to introduce this challenge. It’s really just to find a great variety of ways of asking questions which make 8     Things like 6+2, 22−14, etc.

“The answer is 8, What is the question?”

But you need to get examples that use all the different mathematical ideas that you know about.

1) So you could show some multiplications and some divisions.

2) If you know about fractions then you can add or subtract numbers involving fractions. You could also ask questions like “What is half of16?”; “What is four-fifths of 10?” and so on.


Spellings: caught, ran, scared, spread, frightened, travelled, jumped, escaped, threw, tipped.

2M’s Mufti Day


Thursday 12th June 2M have earned the reward to wear their own Mufti clothes!! We are going to watch a video in the afternoon too!

Well done 2M…let’s see if we can get another reward day before the end of the year!!


Mrs Grove